Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Class C Misdemeanors: Class C Traffic Violations; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Public Intoxication; Class C Assault; Minor in Possession; Disorderly Conduct;

Class B Misdemeanors: Possession of Marijuana; Criminal Mischief; Criminal Trespass; DWI; BWI; Indecent Exposure; Prostitution; Terroristic Threat

Class A Misdemeanors: Assault Bodily Injury; Assault Family Violence; DWI 2nd; Resisting Arrest; Possession of Controlled Substance; Unlawful Possession of a weapon; Violation of Protective Order; Bail Jumping; Burglary of a Vehicle; Interference with a 911 Call; Public Lewdness

State Jail Felonies: Burglary of a building; Credit card abuse; Criminally negligent homicide; DWI with child passenger; Evading arrest in a vehicle; False alarm or report; Forgery of a check; Fraudulent use or possession of identifying information; Improper photography or visual recording; Interference of child custody; Possession of less than one gram of a controlled substance; Theft of something valued between $1500 and $20,000; Unauthorized use of a vehicle

Third Degree Felonies: Aggravated perjury; Bail jumping of a felony arrest; Deadly conduct with a firearm; Escape from felony custody; Indecent exposure to a child; Intoxication assault; Possession of a firearm by a felon; Stalking; DWI (third offense); Tampering with evidence; Violation of protective order (third offense);

Second Degree Felonies: Aggravated Assault; Arson; Bribery; Evading Arrest; Improper Relationship between educator and student; Indecent contact with a Child; Intoxication Manslaughter; Robbery; Sexual Assault; Stalking 2nd offense; Trafficking of persons

First Degree Felonies: Aggravated assault of public servant; aggravated kidnapping; Aggravated robbery; aggravated sexual assault; arson of habitation; burglary of habitation with intent to commit a felony; escape from custody; trafficking of persons under 14 years of age.